BANDOLIER was founded by multimedia artist, George Jenne in 2002 as a custom prop and model fabrication shop in Brooklyn, NY.

For fifteen years, its core crew of artists/fabricators created innumerable objects, ranging from tiny stop motion puppets for a long running series of McDonald's commercials, to massive, floor to ceiling, acrylic light boxes that adorned the walls of Emporio Armani flagship stores.


The company has since evolved into a film and video production unit whose sole purpose is to create provocative, feature length, experimental narratives, with little-to-no creative compromise. Drawing on his years of expertise in making immaculate objects, Jenne focuses on making films whose narratives build upon a unique cinematic syntax, one that is rooted in perfect fakery,  that besmirches the Hollywood format, while verating the medium, and paying reverence to a story well told.


The mission for BANDOLIER is simple: offer a new and refreshing cinematic experience to cinephile and philistine, alike.